Most of the furniture for the home was delivered by a semi-trailer.  The driver of the semi-trailer stopped in the cul-de-sac where the road starts, got out of the semi-trailer and walked up the road to the home and back down to the cul-de-sac, got in the semi-trailer and backed it up the road to the home to unload the furniture.  This feat is more amazing when you realize that at that time, the road was not paved like it is now, but was a dirt road.  If you have driven up the road, you visualize how difficult backing up a semi-trailer up the road would have been.


Once the home was completed, a name had to be chosen.  Del Lienemann, Sr, and Charlotte Lienemann decided to use a Native American name for the home.  The home was to be named after David, which means beloved, and they asked an expert to provide Native American names that they could consider.  After reviewing the names submitted, Del Lienemann, Sr. and Charlotte Lienemann selected the Sioux name of Wa-Ste-La, which means beloved.  Therefore, the name of the home has great meaning for the Lienemann Family.

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