Fall River Estates

During the search for a lot in Estes Park, both Del Lienemann, Sr. and Del Lienemann, Jr. felt that the land prices in Estes Park were undervalued.  As a result, they both went to Martin & Steffans realtors to inquire about other land that might be available for sale in the Estes Park area.  Upon arriving at Martin & Steffans realtors, they were told that that the Elkhorn Lodge had just decided to sell 100 acres of land along U.S. highway 34 with Fall River running through it.  They both immediately went to look at the 100 acres and after viewing it, decided it should be bought for future development.


In order to begin the development of Fall River Estates, both Del Lienemann, Sr. and Del Lienemann, Jr. walked the entire 100 acres with the Architects and Engineers to layout the road system and lots that would be developed.  It was decided that the lots along Fall River would primarily be for commercial development and that the lots going up Deer Mountain to the border with Rocky Mountain National Park would primarily be for residential development.

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